Bamboo Hut

Restaurant Menu and Food Packages


Snacks and Pastries

Savor delectable moments at The Bamboo Hut Restaurant with a tempting selection of snacks, pastries, and desserts. From savory bites to sweet indulgences, our menu promises a delightful culinary journey amidst the tranquil bamboo surroundings. Treat yourself to a symphony of flavors, skillfully crafted to enhance your dining experience.

Breads and Pastries

Special Ensaymada

Indulge in our special Ensaymada with delectable cheese toppings, perfect for a delightful snack or as a sweet treat for pasalubongs and souvenirs. Savor the goodness, available ala carte

PHP 200.00 (box of 6) | PHP 40.00 (ala carte)
Club Sandwich

PHP 160.00

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

PHP 120.00

Tuna Sandwich

PHP 100.00

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

PHP 100.00

Chicken Sandwich

Coming Soon

Egg Sandwich

PHP 100.00

French Toast

PHP 160.00

Gua Dua Burger (Chicken)

PHP 150.00

Buddha Belly (Beef)

PHP 180.00

Quick Breads and Cakes

Ferrero Tsokolate - Slice

PHP 180.00

Ferrero Tsokolate - Whole

PHP 1,500.00

Blueberry Cheesecake Goblet

PHP 170.00

Black Forest Cheesecake Goblet

PHP 170.00


PHP 150.00


PHP 150.00


Nachos with Tapas Three Ways

PHP 150.00

Nachos with Spiced Ground Beef

PHP 150.00

French Fries

PHP 100.00

Iced Desserts

Knicker Bucker

PHP 120.00

Halo - Halo

PHP 120.00

Mais Con Yelo

PHP 80.00


Garlic and Shrimp Pizza

Experience a burst of savory delights with our Garlic and Shrimp Pizza, a culinary masterpiece that combines the robust flavors of perfectly seasoned shrimp and aromatic garlic on a canvas of golden, crisp pizza crust. Each bite is a symphony of taste, blending the oceanic richness of plump shrimp with the earthy allure of garlic, creating a pizza that is both sophisticated and satisfying.

PHP 430.00

Vegetarian Pizza

The foundation of our Vegetable Pizza is a carefully crafted crust—golden and crispy on the outside, yet delightfully tender within. This sets the stage for a generous topping of colorful vegetables that showcase the beauty and diversity of nature’s bounty.

PHP 350.00

Hawaiian Pizza

Our Hawaiian Pizza is a timeless classic, beloved by pizza enthusiasts around the world. Perfect for those who appreciate the delightful interplay of sweet and savory, this pizza is a comforting and delicious choice that captures the spirit of an island getaway in every mouthful.

PHP 320.00